Judo Training at #SaltCityKarate, #Syracuse #NY #Judo

Judo uses three types of training method: formal exercises (kata), freestyle fighting (randori), and matches (shiai).

In the formal exercises we determine various instances in which defense or attack might be necessary, establish rules for controlling body motion in accordance with correct judo theory, and practice using these set movement rules.


We will omit discussions of both the formal exercises and the techniques used in them.

In freestyle fighting two men practicing together make free use of the throws and the grappling techniques to polish and refine themselves. In matches, too, we make use of all the techniques at our command, but in this case the aim is to defeat our opponent.

Training order calls for thorough training with freestyle fighting and then participation in matches. Once you have gotten to the point where you are pretty good in judo, you will decide what things you need special training in and practice them yourself in formal exercise training. In this section we will be discussing freestyle fighting training only.

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