Salt City Karate, Kickboxing and Judo Dojo

We want to inform everyone that we will be closed on Wednesday, July 4 for the Independence Day holiday.

Salt City Karate Summer Program

Salt City Karate & Kickboxing of 1900 Brewerton Road in Mattydale, is offering ONE MONTH OF FREE LESSONS for all new adult and kid students. The summer camp will run from June 23rd to July 23, 2018. You must call Salt City Karate to make the first appointment (for new students only). All students must pre-register and will be required to purchase a uniform and/or training equipment from us in order to participate. Classes being offered are: Karate, Judo, T’ai Chi, and Kickboxing. For further information, please call (315)-451-4244.


We did a demonstration at the Syracuse Chiefs game on Saturday, June 2nd. Thank you to all of our students who participated. You all did a great job! We want to thank the Chiefs for having us and being so great to us. Thank you to the crowd for being so great and bringing the energy. We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again! Video footage to come soon. Go Chiefs!! Go SCK!!



 Are you interested in trying the Martial Arts? Come in and try a class for FREE in any of our programs. Give us a call at 315-451-4244 to set up an appointment. Take the first step toward a better you!

Mr. Jeffrey C. Bertolo Sensei-Dojo Cho 7th Dan. Traditional Japanese Karate-Do
Mr. Jeffrey C. Bertolo Sensei-Dojo Cho 7th Dan.

Jeffrey C. Bertolo Sensei-Dojo Cho 7th Dan.

Traditional Japanese Karate-Do

Affiliated with A.I.K.I.A (American Independent karate Instructors Association)

Bertolo-Sensei (pronounced Sen-Say) has lived in Mattydale, NY all of his life. He opened the city’s first multiplex school and since then has been a leader in promoting Karate-Do in Central New York.
He currently holds the rank of Black Belt 7th Dan and has more than 40 years of training and instructions in his credit.

He has also trained with numerous world champions including Bill “SuperFoot” Wallace, Master Hidy Ochiai, Joe “The Golden Boy” Lewis, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and 10 time world champion John Chung.

Bertolo-Sensei was a P.K.C. Super Middle Weight kick-boxer and has promoted Pro Kickboxing events in Central New York, along with World Class Seminars.

Jeffrey Bertolo operates a successful program for all ages and types of people including teaching children in local school programs.

The BKIDO-KAN program has benefited many people in the areas of self-confidence, self-defense and fitness by excellence and personalized instruction.

Fitness Center · Martial Arts · Education
Hands-on Martial Arts Training
Excellent Balance of Discipline & Fun
Patience & Care with Children
Great Members & Atmosphere
“It Really Feels Like a Family”

Convenient Central Locations





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